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Most first time engagement ring shoppers don’t know where to start and don’t want to look silly asking all the questions that are so important to know like “how do I get her ring size without asking?”, “What are the 4 C’s and what is the most important thing to know about each?”, “how much should I spend on the ring?”, “what are the most popular ring styles?”, etc.

We know going into a jewelry store and asking those questions to a salesperson can be intimidating and overwhelming.

In 2020, Charleston Engagement Rings was started to make buying an engagement ring a private, informative, and easy experience. No longer do you have to go into a jewelry store and have a limited selection of diamonds and engagement rings; during your private Design Session, we will hold your hand and give you a personally-tailored ring design experience. With over 300,000 lab grown diamonds available and infinite design combinations, we make sure you are able to get her the perfect engagement ring and wedding band that is special to both of you.

matt frost

Our Team

Matt Frost

Matt Frost lives in Summerville, South Carolina with his wife Savannah and their baby girl. He got into the diamond business through his mother-in-law who has been in the business for 20 years. Matt loves the fun of the design session and hearing couples’ stories who come in from all over the country. When Matt isn’t designing rings, he is probably spending time with his family and church friends, running, biking, traveling to visit family, and smoking meat on his smoker.

Josh Gale

Josh Gale resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Melissa and three children. For over fifteen years, Joshua has been providing design leadership in a variety of areas. He’s a graduate of Charleston Southern University and currently serves on the Board of Visitors. On most days you can find him on running trails, coaching little league, writing music, and making gourmet food with his wife.
josh gale

Noelle Hyde

Noelle Hyde is a valuable addition to our team at Charleston Engagement Rings. With a passion for serving others and a talent for providing personalized support, Noelle is committed to making the engagement ring design process simple and stress-free for our clients. Her professionalism and attention to detail ensure that each client feels heard and understood throughout the entire process. When not working, Noelle enjoys spending time in the kitchen, raising her children and supporting the military community near her home in Oceanside, California.

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